Creative Concept

Creative Concept

Logo & Brand Book Design


The logo design for the Polish PR agency "Creative Concept" is an embodiment of their innovative and imaginative approach. The logo features two letter Cs, symbolizing the agency's initials, which are creatively intertwined to form a visually captivating composition. The letters are carefully constructed on a circular grid, enhancing the balance and harmony of the design.

Between the two Cs, a prominent symbol of an idea takes center stage, representing the agency's core focus on generating and executing creative concepts for their clients. This symbol is visually striking and instantly recognizable, conveying the agency's ability to transform ideas into impactful campaigns and strategies.

The circular grid serves as the foundation of the logo, providing a sense of structure and stability while also symbolizing unity and collaboration. It represents the agency's commitment to delivering cohesive and well-rounded solutions that seamlessly integrate various aspects of public relations and communication.