Cupan Tae

Cupan Tae


Product Packaging Design


Introducing the elegantly designed paper tube packaging for Irish teas, a seamless blend of minimalism, bold colors, and a touch of opulence through gold foil accents. This packaging exudes sophistication while capturing the essence of Irish tea culture.

The paper tube itself is crafted with a premium-grade, eco-friendly paper material, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. Its cylindrical shape ensures both durability and convenience, allowing for easy storage and transport. The tube's matte finish provides a tactile experience, inviting consumers to explore the packaging further.

Overall, this packaging design for Irish teas strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and luxury. Its minimalistic approach ensures clarity and a modern aesthetic, while the bold colors and gold foil accents infuse it with a sense of opulence. The paper tube creates a memorable unboxing experience and is a testament to the exquisite teas awaiting discovery inside.


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