Holly Good Girl Period Panty  |  Packaging Design


Minimalistic and modern product box designed for Environmentally Friendly Dog Nappies. The packaging reflects commitment to modernity, elegance, and the environment, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience.

The box itself embodies a sleek and minimalist design, showcasing a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from recyclable materials, it mirrors dedication to reducing waste and preserving our planet.

Emblazoned across the box is a trendy pattern that adds a touch of vibrancy and playfulness. This contemporary design not only captures attention but also reflects the youthful spirit of your beloved companion. The pattern features a combination of organic shapes and nature-inspired motifs, echoing commitment to eco-friendliness and the bond between pets and the environment.

The carefully chosen color palette evokes a sense of harmony and serenity, utilizing earthy tones and soft pastels. These colors not only align with the natural world but also radiate a calming energy, creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your pup.


Concept  |  3D  Visuals  |  Print-ready