ON Special Edition Packaging Design Concept


Running shoes should be kept in a dry environment where they will not get creased or damaged. Runners often keep their shoes in a hallway or on the balcony, because of the odors. It’s not a proper shoe care and there should be an better solution to maintain them.

Why not to create a box to do it?



Creating the packaging as the reuseable box that will not be thrown away.
The packaging of the special edition ON shoes is designed as a drawer box with an activated carbon filer sheet. The shoes can be storage in the box even right after the running.



Design Assumptions of the packaging



protection during the delivery  |  storage  |  keeping the odors inside  |  protection from moisture - air flow



minimalistic  |  premium  |  the brand feel  |  sporty while elegant


Materials & Finishes

sustainable  |  biodegradable  |  durable  |  embossed - haptic perception


The packaging is made from a recycled cardboard and kraft paper.
To keep the design the most sustainable there is no print on the box.
To keep the premium feeling the logo and the claim are embossed.

The inside part of the drawer is covered with a white laminated paper to protect the cardboard from damaging from dirt and moisture.



The form of the box is a drawer box.
The main parts are the sleeve, the drawer - the inner box and the envelope.


Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 12 cm