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The project team was assigned the task of creating a product and service that would facilitate contact between OPEN Group and PROGRAFIX. The initial stage involved refining the brief, conducting interviews with the company's CEO, surveying the sales support team, and performing corridor tests to identify target personas. The gathered information was used to verify PGX's expectations and design assumptions.

Based on the collected data, the project team decided to develop a concept that involved a phased and interactive approach to contacting PGX and educating users about the offered solutions. This concept combined offline and online services, employing handmade paper embedded with seeds that grow upon contact with water as a metaphor for the growth of an OPEN Group company with PGX's support. The online service focused on educating users on database usage.

The subsequent stage involved designing the product along with its accompanying service. The design was based on maximizing the utilization of PGX's machinery, know-how, and services. The team developed technical specifications and user instructions for the product, personalized the service with educational materials, and devised a four-stage shipping process. This process included an initial shipment in the form of a personalized starter kit, followed by two reminder shipments as watering kits, and concluded with a closing shipment accompanied by a thank-you note. Each shipment contained a QR code linking to one of four topics aimed at educating users about the possibilities of utilizing the databases. The project also extended the product's life cycle by repurposing it as a desk mini-organizer after the campaign ended. The ecological aspects were taken into account during the product design phase.




Anna Koszowska- Król

Magdalena Kalinowski (Jędrzejas)

Elwira Gałek

Sebastian Zacny

Adam Kamiński