Visaulines - Intergraph

In a contemporary educational system main methods of knowledge transfer process are based on the text content and values. However, research shows that the activation of teaching methods enabling direct seeing, or touching contributes to better understanding. Exploring reality is inseparable from observation, the experience lets you understand it, and experiment creates conditions to discover and create new values. Intergraph is an interactive, drawing, and educational device that allows you to understand sound intervals of the diatonic scale and to observe how different pitches and the volume affects the generated wave. The mechanism allows for the direct observation of occurring relations while drawing the forms and electronic components enable you to hear chosen sounds.The relevant physical phenomena are phenomena of mechanical waves. One of the mechanical waves are acoustic waves – sounds. Sound is inseparably connected with the music. Musical systems are based on relations or ratios between different sound frequencies, and it is possible to represent such relations clearly.Based on these conclusions, a device is created whose primary objective is to draw attention to the parallels and connections between physics, mathematics, and the music.


Awards and Exhibitions

Design Week Tallinn 2016 – Visegrád Group Diploma Theses


Logo Design: Alicja Jedrzjas
Arduino Programming: Mateusz Szlosek